Build the Red Line
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About Us

The Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition is a resolute, community-led organization advocating for equitable, reliable transit that improves quality of life and the environment.  Our anti-racist work was born out of Governor Hogan’s decision to cancel the Red Line project in 2015. That decision – a quintessential example of structural racism in the region – spurred many of the original Red Line planning committee members to action. Shortly after the governor canceled the project, these members gathered with others in the community to form our coalition.





BTEC’s first major initiative was to submit a Title VI administrative complaintto the US Department of Transportation on the grounds that the decision violated the federal government’s anti-discrimination laws established by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. When that complaint was summarily dismissed by the Trump administration in 2016 (without comment), we continued to seek other avenues to develop equitable transit in the region.






Petition Campaign

No Stoppin’ Us

In 2022, The Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (BTEC) engaged in a petition campaign to adopt an amendment to the Baltimore City Charter that will allow for the creation of a Baltimore Regional Transportation Authority.

BTEC organized a ballot petition campaign which resulted in submitting approx. 15,000 petitions to the Baltimore City Board of Elections for ballot access. Only 10,000 petitions were required, and inspite of evidence in our favor, the Board of Elections rejected our application.

We are conducting another petition campaign for ballot access and our goal this time, is 20,000 petitions!!

Please stand with us as we advocate for better transportation in the Baltimore region.